3rd Scads Conference Nov 10th 2012

3rd State And Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference



All day event, took place on Sat Nov 10th 2012, at Friends House, Euston Rd, London. Organised by Acountable Democracy and Reinvestigate 9/11

Click here to see conference footage from the various speakers on the RADTV youtube channel and Reinvestigate 911 youtube.

Cynthia McKinney (ex US Congresswoman),

David Southwell (Author & Journalist),

Lars Schall (Author, Financial Journalist),

Women Against Rape

Dan Glazebrook (Journalist),

Tony Gosling (broadcaster),

Martin Summers (campaigner)

Niels Harrit (9/11 expert),

John Bailey (media expert),

Annie Machon (ex MI5 whistleblower),

Michael Ratner (Centre for Constitutional Rights)

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