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        Alan Hart, ex BBC Panorama Correspondent on 9/11 and the media

Ian Henshall (Chair of RI9/11,  author "9/11 the New Evidence") on George Galloway's Talk Radio Nov 19th 2010      


George Galloway = GG

Ian Henshall = IH

 GG:   “Now tomorrow its either the 20th or the 21st, I've lost count actually, of the great anti-war     marches called by the Stop The War coalition of which I have the honour to be the Vice President. And of course the events which lead us here are the events that rolled out that unforgettable day on 9/11 when thousands of innocent people were cruelly massacred by the flying of airoplanes into two of the worlds tallest buildings which then fell down and thousands were lost. Many many more thousands had their lives destroyed forever with the mental and physical  scars.                                                             

  Now its said that not everything is as it seemed on 9/11. Its said that there are unanswered questions and that the inquiry. the 9/11 commission which investigated this, didn’t do really a very good job, and indeed much of the evidence that they had before them we have not as the public, seen.

One man who is campaigning on this is Ian Henshall  he represents a group called Reinvestigate 9/11. And he's on the line now. Ian thanks very much for joining us.”

 IH: “Hello George its kind of you to have me on.”

 GG: “Who are you and whats your campaign?”

 IH:” Well I'm a you know, sort of a campaigning sort of guy. I've been an activist,  published alternative press, I've got a coffee business I make my money off. The campaign is basically an umbrella campaign for everybody  you know, from the most radical people out there who think that the CIA planned the whole of 9/11,  right through to people like you and me who think that you know, you cant believe a word the government says but lets judge things on their merits. And then over to people who think well you know, we should make more of this…..its all true you know  why don’t we publish it why don’t we put out the details. Why does the government keep so many secrets about 9/11 ? lets just put it all out. So these are all the range of people we are appealing to with the Reinvestigate 9/11. We're not prejudging anything”

 GG : “What are your major questions, Ian?”

 IH: “ If I could ask some questions of people who I could get answers from .Um I've got five, would you like to hear all of them very quickly?”

 GG: “Yes yes”

 IH:” Um what is the explanation for the collapse of the three towers,  um of the World Trade Centre, and what is the explanation for the...(interrupted)”

 GG: “ Thats the two that were struck and the one behind”

 IH: “ That rather even more inexplicably or even harder to explain, collapsed.  Yeah, and the, what could the origins be of what appears to be thermite in the dust which you know, people say well if there was a controlled demolition I'm rambling a bit. Here let me just go through the other points. I don’t want to get you know, too enmeshed in that one if you don’t mind, George,”

 GG: “Okay”

 IH: “ As lots of people  talk about that  all the time”

 GG: “ Yeah”

 IH: “Heres another one. Pentagon running anti hijack exercises, anti hijack exercise at the exact same time the hijacks went off. Um I think that’s an odd coincidence which needs more investigation (interrupted)”

 GG: “Thats an extraordinary coincidence. Do we know for a fact that’s true?”

 IH: “Oh yeah yeah.  I've  established it all, I've written books on this. George, you know, they just don’t get much attention in the media because the media don’t want to be told that they're wrong about something basically. Um, now I'm not saying you know, I know what happened, all I can do is to point to questions and gaps in the evidence and you know, its up to other people to  (interrupted)”

 GG: “I mean ah, if I was being sceptical I would say it would be a pretty strange conspiracy if the CIA and other American organizations actually  organized  an anti-hijack exercise on the day that they were going to hijack the planes. That would be just asking for trouble wouldn’t it?”

 IH: “No, um if, basically if you did want: I'm not saying this is what happened, George,

 GG: “No”

 HH: “But for instance if you did want to carry out a sort of coup, um,  pretending to be um, hijackers, then in case something went wrong you would need a cover story and the cover story would be oh you know, this was an experiment of ours that  somehow went wrong. Maybe the rogue, maybe we hired some actors  as hijackers and then the  rogue actors took it over. Do you know what I mean?  Its all about confusion and smoke and, its called smoke and mirrors in the trade isn’t it? And um so I think, you know , most people would agree who've looked at it that that is a slightly suspicious issue this hijack exercise   (interrupted)|

 GG: “Certainly an extraordinary coincidence.

 IH: “ Yeah”

 GG: ““No doubt about that. OK number three. “

 IH: “ Yeah and also the pentagon destroyed evidence to cover it up um which lead to the 9/11 commission deciding that there had been criminal acts committed um you know,  in covering things up but they wouldn’t bother to  prosecute them (interrupted)”

 GG : “What sort of things did they cover up?”

 IH: “They erased the tapes, they um, coz everybody was saying at the time, you know, why didn’t planes scramble? You know, not necessarily shoot down the hijack planes but why didn’t they even intercept them which is what they should of done. Um well, you know, this would explain it, you know, the hijack exercise maybe it caused a lot of confusion um and maybe for some reason, well they do seem to want to cover that up for some reason because they wiped some tapes and the 9/11 commission went and got the tapes and recreated them by a got a specialist company in and  it turned out you know, that yes you know,  the anti-hijack  exercise had been going on and it had interfered with the response. And um you know I think that’s a fantastic story, you know,  that the mass media for some reason wont touch. Um now my next point would be um, the role of the CIA in it. Several FBI, different FBI officers all said you know, we were stopped from investigating these hijackers. We we would have been able to stop this plot. Um but you know we were stopped, we were banned from doing it. And now we've had a guy who was on secondment to the CIA saying yeah you know I was from the FBI the CIA wouldn’t let me tell my colleagues about this. Um you know (interrupted)”

 GG: “Who's this?”

 IH: “Um I've got his name on my website, George. um. He's one of the key whistle-blowers in my opinion. Um I don’t think he was saying the CIA were necessarily conspiring to murder anybody, you know, but, he was just saying that dodgy things were going on..Um, and you mentioned earlier you know, conspiracy by the CIA, I don’t think anybody sensible is suggesting, you know,  that the whole of the CIA got together you know, and there was any sort of necessarily any orders but the possibility  that people are wondering is: could some sort of rogue elements in the CIA have somehow hijacked, if you'll excuse the phrase, some sort of existing plans to possibly and changed direction, do you see what I mean? “

 GG : “Well of course I understand the language that you're using but, ah isn’t the sixty-four thousand dollar question how any conspirators managed to persuade so many people to fly  themselves and everyone else on the plane to their deaths in pursuit of this conspiracy. You wouldn’t get an officer of the CIA,  rogue or not being prepared to do that.”

 IH: “No you certainly wouldn’t. No no, But the point I'm making is that the official story might be a hundred  percent true as concerns Al Qaeda hijackers, as concerns the collapse of the towers.  I'm not saying it is true, but even if you can concede that that is all true, the next question is, you know, could the CIA have stopped these hijackers? Yes they could, you know, no doubt about that, we now know um and,  you know, why didn’t they? You know. And at that point, you know,  could there have been some rogue agents. This is just one scenario we're getting into here, George, you know, as I said we are a broad coalition, we're just pointing to questions and possibilities.”

 GG: “And what you want to do is to have this issue reopened. Do you have any support in parliament at all?”

 IH: “Miniscule. I mean they're all scared of the intelligence services as far as I can see and the media you know, if you , if you, as you found out George, you know, the hard way. I think a lot of them are thinking, well, you know, I don’t go the way of George Galloway, basically and end up, you know,  being too much of a problem for the establishment. Um I think that’s one element that’s um sort of,  puts a brake on it and you know,”

 GG: “ The chances of you  getting the Chilcot Inquiry to take this on board must be slim, no?”

 IH: “I think that’s slim but actually I wouldn’t  totally rule  it out, they have deigned to respond to our correspondence and we think we've got them into a legal and complete knot, you know. Chilcot was saying that they will not ask any questions about 9/11. Not , you know, like, whether there were any conspiracies but even questions like did Tony Blair have an independent investigation, you know this our question to Chilcot, this is what we're asking people to contact Chilcot over. Its very easy to contact Chilcot by the way, you just go to their website Iraq  um (interrupted)”

 GG and IH: “”

 IH: “And, you know, what we're asking them to do, if, is, we'd like them to do  a lot more than this, but at the very least, when Tony Blair decided to commit himself to America after 9\11, did he order any sort of independent investigation into what the official story then was, and what I would just like to remind everyone, is the official story then, was Al Qaeda,  such a terribly vast powerful smersh  like you know, member of  James Bond you know, organisation, billionsand billions of dollars, thousands and thousands of militants,  trained pilots  blah de blah de blah. Because they're so vast and terrifying we have to go to Afghanistan to defeat them. Whereas now we know that really, it was pretty much a fluke that  this, according to the official story now,  George, you know,...”

 GG: “ Yeah”

 IH: “...  that’s evolved in Washington, it was pretty much a lucky fluke due to the incompetence of the CIA and the  incompetence of the FBI that these guys got anywhere near (interrupted)”

 GG: “ And no such, no such  sophisticated diabolical act has been able to be carried out by them since.”

 IH: “ Correct”

 GG: “Their crimes that they have motivated since, have been the lowest grade terrorist operations against  the softest possible targets on trains and buses.”

 IH:  “ Totally. Now nobody would have said that at the time. They would have, oh you know, the risk is if we don’t go into Afghanistan straightaway, you know, its going to be a nuclear bomb next, you know, the hysteria, the panic, um, you know, and so, you know, people who are sort of watchers of the CIA , you know, are thinking, you know 9/11 is beginning to look a bit like a chew-it revolution, or you know, one of these other things that turns out to be sort of, you know, have their fingerprints on in some way just, you know ,

 GG: “ OK “

IH: “You see what I mean?”

GG: “ Well look Ian, you didn’t persuade me but I'm in favour of re-investigating 9/11”.

 IH : “ Yeah, that’s all I wanted to persuade you of, George”

GG: “ Of course, and I do think there are some unanswered questions, thanks for you time, my friend, that’s Ian Henshall campaigner and one of the leaders of Reinvestigate 9\11. They are asking people to contact their MP's or to write to the Iraq to ask the Chilcot Inquiry to look further into the events of 9/11.”


Noel Glynn (from RI9/11 and Quakers For Truth on Terrorism,) on the  Ray Khan show, Radio 2011                                                                   click here for audio

NG = Noel Glynn         RK = Ray Khan