BBC comes clean on false flag terrorism

26 March 2016

But only in fiction. With the blockbuster series The Night Manager by John Le Carre the BBC has produced a more truthful account of NATO's terrorist wars than anything you will see on Newsnight.

The series, last episode this weekend, stars the globally famous Hugh Laurie as Richard Roper, villainous upper class English arms dealer, as well as Tom Hollander as his bodyguard and hitman, while Olivia Colman is the honest copper up against politically backed terrorists operating through MI6 HQ.

Roper's mercenary set-up is supplying ISIS with arms via Turkey, with support from MI6 and the CIA. They are also supplying the highly toxic chemical sarin the to ISIS. And just in case you don't get it yet Roper boasts that along with their predictable list of services they offer false flag terrorism. That's right. The only time you will hear the BBC refer to false flag terrorism is in a spy drama. How ironic that almost in the same week on Newsnight they are still promoting the tired myth that the sarin attacks in Syria, long exposed on the internet as organised by the NATO powers, were the work of the Assad government.

This is not the only boost that the BBC has given sceptics in recent months. World renowned actor and film maker Mathieu Kassovitz who played Napoleon in the recent showcase series War and Peace, is a vocal advocate for 911 Truth, giving support to Reopen911 the French truth group allied to the UK's Reinvestigate 911.