Big Activist Meet-up in London

Event Tuesday 30 April 6.30pm Conway Hall, London WC1 4RL 

Big Activist Meet-up in London

A meeting in London tomorrow is set to become key forum for truth, antiwar and anti-globalisation activists.

Origninally called by Reinvestigate 9/11, a public meeting at Conway Hall in London has slated extra panels to analyse the unanswered questions on the Boston bombings as well as activist leaders who intend to shine a light on the elite Bilderberg Group meeting planned for June in Watford, just 14 miles from the centre of London.

A hastily convened session on the Boston bombings will see legendary investigative journalist David Southwell, Ian Henshall author of 911 The New Evidence, and documentary film maker Tom Secker focusing on the many unanswered questions on the Boston bombings. Some examples include

+ Were the suspects set up by the FBI as their relatives assert? It is widely agreed that FBI setups creating conspiracies out of thin air account for most of the post 9/11 terrorist convictions in the US.

+ Why did the FBI fail to identify someone they knew well and had reportedly interviewed at length? Why has the mysterious alleged ringleader not been a focus of FBI interest?

+ Are reports correct that one of the accused bombers was involved with a CIA backed organisation in Georgia in the Caucasus?

Hanna Borno an influential UK activist will be outlining plans for a festival of opposition to the Bilderberg meeting in Watford from June 6-9. Foreign media beyond the reach of the NATO powers have joined with internet based activists and anti-globalisation and Occupy people in unmasking of this instrument of unaccountable elite power. Kept secret for decades by media editors and owners who are often active themselves in Bilderberg, the meetings are now a major global news event and the silence increasingly glaring.

Other speakers include

+ Film maker Tony Rooke, who achieved mainstream publicity in February when he refused to pay his TV license in protest against the BBC's alleged biased reporting of the 9/11 attacks. The District Judge lent him moral support with a conditional discharge, extremely rare for a TV licence refuser.

+ Spanish airline pilot and campaigner Mitoa Edjang, who says the alleged 9/11 pilots did not have anything like the skills needed to pull off the high speed and highly targeted 9/11 flying maneouvres with which the official story credits them.

+ Well known Time Out Critics Choice playwright Nirjay Mahindru will give a preview of his plans for a play around the 9/11 attacks.

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