Brian Maxwell

An Extraordinary Truth Activist

Tony Rooke writes:

It was with great sorrow I recently learned of the loss of former Edinburgh firefighter and truly extraordinary 9/11 activist, Brian Maxwell.

Bri and I became firm friends after he agreed to go on camera for my documentary 'Incontrovertible'. At that time, in 2014, he was still working with Scottish Fire and Rescue in the capital but was resolutely adamant, despite potential reprimands for appearing in the film, he must and would give his views as a professional firefighter on the
collapse of WTC 7 and its grave implications for colleagues and others worldwide.
Sure enough, after the film came out in 2015, Bri so typically ensured all his workmates and management knew about it, and would hand out copies to police, military personnel, and public all around Edinburgh, regardless of the consequences. Sure enough, Police Scotland were alerted to Bri's heinous crime of disseminating the reality of 9/11 and he was pulled up before management at Edinburgh Fire Service. Rather than be a compliant coward and bow to demands he desist in his activities, Bri quit his 15 year career even though that involved a massive loss of income and the end of a job he loved.

I have only met 1 other person in the Truth Movement who had the integrity and courage to do what Bri did. Tony Farrell, former principle intelligence analyst for South Yorkshire Police also refused to bow to peer pressure when he discovered the truth of September 2001 and quit the police rather than be a ?good little soldier? and acquiesce to a blatantly timid and corrupt management and spineless team around him.

It was a personal privilege that Bri?s partner, Maggie, asked me to speak at his send-off in Edinburgh on September 5th. I said much the same as I?ve said here. Brian Maxwell?s integrity remains a very rare commodity. There I met folk who had become friends with Bri having just met him on the street handing out 9/11 Truth literature and whose lives had now been changed for the better, their awareness rudely but thankfully ignited and then, through them, many others lives
altered also. The impact this man had as an individual was truly impressive - Bri was tireless in his pursuit of Truth and the evangelism of that Truth, and created his own personal ripple effect of
awareness which will have infinite impacts both in Scotland and globally.
Not one for writing endless reams of disgruntled emails to MP?s or indignant articles for thousands of others to read then simply do nothing about, Bri was the definition of ?activism? and preached
only to the unconverted. A brilliantly funny sense of self-deprecating humour, generous to the point of foolishness on occasion, I sadly didn?t realise Bri also struggled with episodic bouts of depression which eventually led to a moment of dreadful, confused judgment resulting in taking his own life. The shock still resonates and it?s a horrid realisation that not only has the Truth Movement lost a real-life hero, but a most extraordinary man who possessed more bravery and altruism than the vast majority will ever summon up in much longer lifetimes.
Tony Rooke