The Independent Glimpses 911 Truth

Last week I was interviewed by Adam Lusher of The Independent, and it led to a major article on their website, writes Ian Henshall.

In case you missed it Oxford academic David  Grimes reckons he has a formula to calculate how likely a "conspiracy theory" is to be true, based on how many people would have to keep it secret. I explained to Adam that the issue is not the mathematics but how well compartmentalised a plot is and how scared insiders would be in speaking out. It doesn't help that, when they do speak out, they are normally ignored by the mainstream media, as has happened on 9/11.

As it was on the phone, I could not see Adam's eyes glazing over as he discovered I did not fit the official picture of a conspiracy nut. But, having persuaded Adam that we are not "conspiracy theorists" he or his editors must have lost interest in us. The result of putting Adam straight was that 9/11 got little more than one paragraph in an article mostly about the moon landings. Here it is...

It got spookier. According to Ian Henshall, the author of 9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence I should have been asking who the real conspiracy theorists were. Could I really believe official accounts of a bunch of guys destroying the Twin Towers from a cave in Afghanistan? “I would say the official 9/11 conspiracy has been exposed as false,” said Mr Henshall, 64, a coffee shop owner. “But most people think I’m the conspiracy theorist for saying so.

“And George Bush: was he really the idiotic dupe?”  George W Bush? Intelligent? It sounded crazy, but unlike the Moon landings, this stuff was real. Because here was the post-turquoise phase granddaddy of them all, David Icke, telling an American TV talk show host: “The ground is being prepared for this global Orwellian state … able to stay under the radar, manipulate in the shadows…”

Icke tweeted his response to Dr Grimes’s study: “How about if compartmentalisation means most don’t have the big secrets and those who do are scared to reveal them? What are the ‘maths’ on that mate?”

First they ignore you, then they threaten you, then they write quirky articles about you.The mainstream atmosphere is changing. The "conspiracy theory" slur is drawn so wide that even mainstream media people can see the danger. "Climate change deniers" are now threatened with criminal penalties. The UK government's Prevent programme is very clear: anyone who is angry with government policies or takes an interest in "conspiracy theories" is a "non-violent extremist" and could soon become a terrorist. Teachers and other state employees who don't want to act as thought police could soon be sacked.

The Independent has been running articles against Prevent. Meanwhile the Telegraph writes: Thank God for conspiracy theorists – they keep our society sharp. First the writer laughs then he writes: "It's easy to laugh, but we should never dismiss the possibility that what we think we know is actually a tissue of delusion".

Well that's a big step forward.

Here is Adam's article in full...

Here is the article Adam had seen on RT