Packed London Meeting Hears Experts on 9/11 and Boston

A sellout standing room only meeting in London on Tuesday April 30 heard experts on the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks, and their preliminary reaction to the official statements on the Boston bombings.

This was one of the largest ever UK meetings to air doubts about the official 9/11 story and organisers say that the public's interest in finding out the real 9/11 story will continue to grow, so long as NATO's post 9/11 wars go on and bizarre official terror attack narratives continue to be accepted in the mainstream media. Footage of the meeting will be uploaded to Youtube.

The meeting called by Reinvestigate 911 was hastily rearranged to add discussions on the Boston bombs and to hear protest plans in response to the elite and secretive Bilderberg group which is to hold its June meeting in Watford, near London. A grass roots festival is planned to draw attention to the existence of the policy-making conference of corporate bosses, politicians on the make and top media people from the NATO countries.

Investigative journalist David Southwell told the meeting that the monitoring of Boston police radio on the evening of the attacks showed that there were reports of other bombs/rucksacks found. He said it was suspicious that of the 14 authorities he contacted, none would go on the record and deny the Craft International operatives photographed were working at the bombing scene, but none of them would comment on who they were reporting to it or which agency had hired the company whose operatives were carrying black rucksacks similar to those used in the bomb attacks.

Tom Secker, the documentary film maker, and Ian Henshall, author of 911 The New Evidence, agreed with Southwell that the US authorities need to explain many apparent contradictions, to show the picture of the suspects walking away without their alleged bombs and to explain why photos showed one suspect with a white not a black rucksack.

James Boswell, a physics PhD and A level lecturer, explained why it should be obvious to the average A level student that the official story of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on the afternoon of the 9/11 attacks breaks some of the most basic laws of science.

TV licence fee refuser Tony Rooke outlined plans for a major campaign next year. Anyone paying their  tv license fee was colluding with the BBC's lies and warmongering he said. Noel Glynn presented the Together for the Charter campaign which is demanding the BBC applies its charter in practice.

Award-winning playwright Nirjay Mahindru of Conspirator's Kitchen company announced completion of his new script Whatever Happened to Woodward and Bernstein

Mitoa Edjang, an airline pilot and flight instructor, told the meeting that the story of attack on the Pentagon by alleged 9/11 pilot Hani Hanjour was nonsense. The paper trail showed he was reported as hopelessly incompetent. Lacking the right flying hours and mandatory medical checks he should never have received a pilot's licence. The US authorities have refused to explain these glaring regulatory failures. Edjang said the flight management system of the plane allegedly used to attack the Pentagon would not have allowed an accelerating downward spiral manoeuvre and an inexperienced pilot would have had no chance of successfully carrying out the final high-speed ground-hugging attack trajectory.


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