UK's MSM air 9/11 Truth: Independent, Sunday Express, now The Sun

Last week even Rupert Murdoch's Sun aired 9/11. Like the Indi, they are sitting on the fence but that's a big step for them. Thanks to 9/11 family member Matt Campbell for his input into the excellent Express article.

The Express article has got to be the gold standard for recent MSM 9/11 coverage. Journalists basically repeat each other and this should be found next time someone prepares an article on 9/11.

This follows the success of the play I.S.I.S after a favourable review in the mass circulation North London paper The Camden New Journal.

Over in the US Donald Trump has done a lot to caste doubt on the 9/11 myths, not just challenging the outrageous way the Bush dynasty made capital out of it, but also raising the Saudi connection which goes directly back to the CIA. Many people see Trump as a monster, but are they victims of divide and rule by the MSM? Trump makes fascistic statements but he is also anti-war, anti-TTIPS, anti the big banks. He is not in hock to Isreal, at least financially.

Or is he cynically appealing to opposition groups, with Republican business as usual once he gets into office? One good indicator will be who he chooses for vice President.